Young people from Louisiana, a state that was granted to the Americans by France in 1803, are trying to revive the French language. They broadcast a television program called Tele-Lucian on the Internet. It has about 300,000 viewers.

From our Special Correspondent in New Orleans,

Macro is filming the trailer for a show on the quiet streets of New Orleans. He is the founder Tele-Louisiana, A small channel broadcast on the web he created in 2018.

« The real Louisiana French and the real Louisiana Creole speaking adults are always here. This allows the rod to be crossed between generations. Louisiana has fewer and fewer native French speakers , Said Will Macro. Then add: ” Therefore, we are more committed, we believe it is our role and our duty to continue the war and to take responsibility from the elders who have fought for many years., He insists.

Once a shameful language

French has indeed been a shameful language in Louisiana for a long time. At school, American teachers banned the use of children. Yan Foll was 17 years old when he had to publish this language spoken fluently by his ancestors.

«My father’s parents spoke French at a young age, but when they had children, they decided not to cross their French language. They were ashamed because they were punished at school for speaking French. Too bad», Sorry for the continuing Yan Fol:I learned French in school at the age of 8 and French has really changed the way I see the world. Now that I speak French, I’m very proud of my heritage, I want to preserve it, and of course, I want to continue the French language in Louisiana.»

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Live your identity to the fullest

Die Ogos offers a plan,Creole Show, In Tele-Louisiana. It is a way to live his identity to the fullest.

«My nationality is American, my culture is Louisiana, my language is Creole and French. So for me, there is a mix of everything. If you want to know the true history of Louisiana, you must speak French well. It is the language of the country. Here, we are another country. We are not Americans!He laughs.

Tele-Lucian is now airing a cartoon to impress the little ones and get used to the French language.Boud Dini and his friends, Which tells stories that are particularly relevant to this southern state of the United States.


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