Vegetarian food is no healthier than meat: the study that turns everything upside down

The year 2024 has come and gone with vegetarianThat is, in the month designated for plant-based nutrition. New Year's resolutions often include a Healthy diet Some decide to rely on it vegetarian: A purely vegetarian diet, that is, based exclusively on foods of plant origin, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, dried and oily fruits. But there's no good news from science for vegan fanatics: first Stady It is suggested that plant-based fast food meals are no healthier than similar meat-based options.

The research, published in the journal Nutrition, looked at 1,868 meals including sandwiches, salads, pasta and pizza from 50 fast food chains in five countries, including the UK. Among the chains taken into consideration were Wagamamas, Pret, Pizza Express, Leon and Burger King. The researchers collected data on calorie content, the presence of allergens, and the amounts of nutrients, fiber and salt in each meal. Well: Vegetarian meals contain Lower amount of protein and sodium but higher levels of carbohydrates and sugars Compared to meat-based meals.

but this is not all. In fact, there is no shortage of bad news for those who want to lose a few pounds thanks to a vegetarian diet: vegetarian meals contain at least Calories Meat-based meals. So the lead author of the study, Prof Mikołaj Kaminski Poznań University of Medical Sciences, Poland: “Surprisingly, our study shows that plant-based diets are not associated with lower calorie content, which consumers may not realize. This really highlights the importance of making informed dietary choices, especially when it comes to eating fast food – and especially if you have a metabolic disorder.” Diet such as type 2 diabetes..

As reported guardianThe expert stressed:delusion“Plant-based alternatives are healthier than the most popular fast food dishes, with a reflection on allergens: “The results also showed that meals containing meat were more likely to contain allergens such as dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish and mustard, while vegetarian meals were more likely to contain allergens such as sesame, seeds and nuts.”. In other words, the study unveils some of the grand doctrines of fundamentalism in the vegan world, which is always at the forefront of throwing mud at “carnivores” but is silent in the face of this kind of research.

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