The first environmentally friendly floating city that will be able to accommodate 40,000 people will be born in Japan

The visual project of the Japanese startup N-ARK has given life to a fully environmentally sustainable floating city that is also apocalyptic proof: it will be able to accommodate 40,000 people between residents and tourists and will combine technological sophistication with complete respect for the environment.

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Imagine a floating, environmentally sustainable, apocalypse-proof city in the future with floating housing structures and mind-boggling new technologies? in Japan Reality has surpassed even the wildest imagination: from a deep study of Japanese startup N-ARK The world’s most innovative and revolutionary city project is born, which is able to save the Earth’s energy and climate crisis.

Eco-Floating City: Welcome to Dogen City

The environmentally sustainable floating city takes a name Dogen Citynarrated and presented in detail in a long video on the official portal of N-ARK. At first glance it appears to have been born from the pen of a science fiction film director, yet it is based on real and accurate standards of sustainability and environmental protection. This is a future city project for 40,000 people, initially designed for 30,000 tourists and 10,000 residents, completely floating, in addition to its residential structures capable of floating from one point in the neighborhood to another. It features many artificial islands connected to each other, with minimal environmental impact.

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In the city of Dogen renewable energy sources and advanced materials

The first principle that the city of Dogen respects is the principle of sustainability and zero-impact raw materials. Renewable energy sources, low-emission transportation, large green spaces, consumption of natural resources to protect the environment, and create a healthy and comfortable environment for the population, even against the end of the world. The virtual city could become a reality by 2040, offering a viable alternative to the congestion of Japan, the super-visited metropolis of Tokyo, and above all to the global climate crisis. Moreover, not only will the residential blocks be in height towards the surface, but they will also be underwater with warehouses, offices, drones, and control areas. Dotted between the islands are amusement parks, shopping malls, stores, spas, gyms and everything a city of the future can expect.

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Ph N-ARK credits

A sustainable environmental floating city to overcome environmental challenges in the future

Despite the atmosphere of the future and perfection, Dogen City poses many challenges to the possibility of its creation in the coming decades. First of all, the problem of safety: this technological island must be constantly monitored, and like a puzzle with many pieces, everyone must be in place for global performance. Furthermore, especially for creativity, unlimited access to sources of water, energy, and raw materials is essential, with positive long-term impacts on the entire environment. However, nothing stops the ambition of the creators, who find plenty of support. In fact, Dougen City is not the only project in the Zero Impact City of the Future world: also note that Seasteading Institute in the United States and the Floating city project in ChinaIn order to increase interest in environmental sustainability and environmentally sustainable urban development. For posterity this arduous sentence, but for now, Doujin City Project really leaves you speechless.


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