Do consumers have to pay for the installation of link meters in their electricity bill? 90% of French families now own it. The cost per meter is estimated at 130 euros, but is not charged during installation.

Consumer associations say this is coming soon. Already 3 years ago in 2018, we will refuse to pay for the UFC: Link, Enedis to choose. 330,000 signatures have been collected on this petition. Since then, other consumer associations have also advanced to the plate.

We will be condemned to pay, there is nothing we can do “: Christian Lepk in Sense CLCV

Christian Lebach is the head of the Sense branch of CLCV (Consumer Housing Environment). “We will pay to establish Linki in 15 years’ time, I hope. About twenty euros more in our bills each year. We will be condemned to pay, we can do nothing. Super powerful partnership other than setting up. But against Enetis, it will be lost in advance.”

On the NDS side, it is said that the figures announced by the consumer associations are not based on anything. The company also states that there is no doubt that the user will participate financially in the use of the link meter.

“There will be no increase in consumer electricity tariffs linked to the installation of the link meter”: Sandis Herbillon, Regional Director, NDEs for Yonne

Sandy Herbillon is the director of Anodes at Yone. “There will be no increase in consumer electricity bills associated with the installation of lingi meters. This will be paid in full by the savings made by Anedis. Agents will no longer perform interventions such as meter measurements. They will now be carried out remotely. And these savings will offset the investment cost of installing lingi meters.”

The fluorescent green meter also illustrates the savings made by the consumer. The unions also disagreed on this point. “They have to explain to me how we save money by changing the meter.” Christian LeBron asks. “Saving money is easy. You don’t turn on the lights, you don’t plug in your TV, the bill goes down.”


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