Melvin Raven, qualifier for the triple jump final: “Very relieved!”

Melvin Raven, qualified with 16.83 m (-0.8 m/s): “I’m relieved, very, very relieved! I was so apprehensive about this qualification, I missed the Euro Indoor qualifiers this winter. I managed to get into the top 12 very quickly. The final would have nothing to do with it, it would be something to look for. I didn’t feel I’m technically fine but the shape is there and I managed to get something anyway. We’ll try to reset the machine with Teddy (Tamjo, his coach) for the final. With Hugues (Zango, narrowly qualified 16.83m too), we looked at each other Some during the competition, and we understood it was going to be a very complicated thing, but we took it with a smile, and we knew it was good at 16.83m.

“I don’t know yet what follow-up I will give my career”

Benjamin Compaore, eliminated with 16.59 m (-0.2 m/s): “The morning was frustrating. Physically, we organized ourselves as best we could be in shape. We woke up at 4:50 am, but we adapted. My big mistake was on my first jump, I had my legs but I should have been more volunteer in what I produced. I struggled with jumping. I’ll be 34 in two days, it was nice to have an Olympic final but it’s the game. The year has not been easy, organizing my life, among the athletes I train in the world.” I’m still proud to be in my third Olympics, and proud of my career. I don’t know yet what my follow-up will be. I have few financial resources, and this is difficult. I take this opportunity to thank my in-laws and parents, it’s a team effort. High-level sport is all about ups and downs, but it keeps things moving. “

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Jean-Marc Pontvian, was eliminated by three jumps: “It’s tough, very difficult, I can’t necessarily understand what happened. We’ll debrief with the coaches. I wanted to give everything, my best, to show what I had in my leg, but here you go, three bite hops and it’s over in the last two. I have a feeling I didn’t bite. There is a lot of basic work to do when approaching the board. I tried to change the settings, but unfortunately it did not. However, I felt good, I handled the competition correctly. But I will not give up So, there is a lot to be done next year.”


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