L'Airbus A380 au moment de sa manoeuvre d'approche à Nice

It looks like a regular A380 except it runs on cooking oil in its tanks.

How it works?

European aircraft manufacturer tests first A380 flying on cooking oil. For this flight, this sustainable blend of fatty acids was made primarily from used cooking oil, as well as other fatty waste, according to Airbus.

We are recovering Cooking oil, we deal withYou’re making a soup of carbon spray, and the reactors are running as usual. This fuel will be 80% less carbon dioxide because its production is less polluting than kerosene…

Is cooking oil the future of aviation?

Currently These so-called “sustainable” fuels like cooking oil are very rare because they are expensive… 1% of the total … which is partly why this mastodon’s flight from the air in Nice is so important! An A380 that successfully flies on cooking oil could encourage airlines to skid. In all cases Companies will also be encouraged a bit by legislation. France and the European Union have already set mandatory percentages for sustainable fuel use. Target 63% in 2050…

This theft is important for fuel but also for local life. The A380 has benefited from the experience to experiment with new approach procedures to keep aircraft away from populated areas.

Is it irresponsible to fly such a plane… for nothing?

Côte d’Azur Collective Citoyen 06 is not at all convinced by this promising innovation in environmental matters. sorry for having This particular carbon emitting device, is very close to homes. according to him”The A380 will never be clean“.for the group opposing the expansion of Nice Airport”One return flight from Nice to Shanghai will emit 1,100 tons of carbon dioxide, which is as many as 380 cars driving their one-year hiatus.. “

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In the meantime, when you are in your kitchen, you will undoubtedly take another look at your bottle of cooking oil.


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