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BBVA Mexico confirmed that it is presenting flashes on their digital services on Friday.

The banking entity confirmed, through a statement shared on social networks, that it is indeed working on a solution “story by” Violations provided by their platforms and in order to be able to restore their service.

Users of the Spanish company’s app are starting to report Service failedin both mobile and desktop versions, approx 1:00 pm. (Central Mexico hours).

The page also confirmed the problems with the app DownDetectorwhich provides real-time information on digital service outages.

According to the platform, The main problems reported are:

  • Mobile banking (66%).
  • Online banking (29 percent).
  • Make deposits (5 percent).

return defects

During September, October and November 2021, BBVA presented failures of its services in Multiple occasions.

The longest occurred on September 12, when problems caused by an “internal error” 20 million people They were unable to access their account or make moves for more than 20 hours.

The decline in his services was so great that the Spanish bank “rewardedTo your customers with refunds on their credit or debit cards when they make purchases over the weekend.

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