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Ferrari chooses AWS as the supplier. – Expert opinion on cars since 1982

Ferrari chooses AWS as the supplier. – Expert opinion on cars since 1982

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Ferrari has chosen AWS as the official cloud provider to drive innovation in the Racing Car Division, GT competitions, Ferrari Challenge and the FORMULA 1 Scuderia Ferrari team. During the French Grand Prix, the AWS logo first appeared on the team car and on the drivers’ clothing.

Why choose AWS for this alliance?

“Ferrari and AWS represent excellence in their respective sectors. As our official cloud provider, I strongly believe that AWS will enable our company to grow into a data-driven organization that uses the power of technology to improve our products, increase engagement with Ferrari fans around the world, and deliver experiences.” “, – Mattia Binotto, director of Scuderia Ferrari.

Ferrari will rely on advanced analytics, machine learning, computing, storage and databases from AWS to gain rapid insights into the design and performance of cars on the road and track. You’ll benefit from the nearly unlimited scope of AWS HPC’s resources to run thousands of simulations simultaneously and gain much faster insights, and as a result, your company’s engineers can pursue agile experiments with new designs and strategies to accelerate their business. Cooperat.

How does this alliance help drivers and their team?

Using AWS services, they get a comprehensive view of the performance of a vehicle and its parts in real-world conditions. Ferrari will study factors that affect vehicle performance and driver handling, such as engine temperature at different speeds, vibration patterns on different track surfaces, and suspension loads that affect track grip.

What can fans expect?

The creation of a digital platform where fans will have access to exclusive and personalized content that they can enjoy from their mobile phones will be promoted. In addition, they will be able to have immersive experiences such as virtual access to the Scuderia Ferrari garage and hospitality suite on race days. Going forward, Ferrari plans to create virtual and augmented reality experiences using AWS tools where fans can interact with drivers and the team.

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