Point Clouds and Revit for Architectural Planning Using BIM Zone

Technological assistance in the construction process has allowed professionals to design more complex and ambitious buildings. Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems, in which many of these buildings are displayed and supervised, are input Provide real-time information on any ongoing constructionthrough digital tools and accessories.

These systems have complex applications that make dealing with them a task that not every professional can do efficiently.

For this reason, training centers like BIM . area They focused on providing courses and Educational plans that allow architects, engineers and construction technicians, They are trained in the use of digital modeling tools and some of its components such as Point Clouds and software Revit 2022.

Point Clouds and Revit in Architectural Planning

Clouds points are a set of coordinates that are displayed on a three-dimensional plane. These coordinates are taken care of Gathering information about a building or plot of landto convert it into a 3D representation that can be digitally manipulated.

On the other hand, the software Revit is the platform on which data collected in Point Cloud is combined, to model representation that will serve as input into the conceptual design, manufacturing process and construction process of any building.

The BIM tools provided by Revit in the 2022 edition allow the architect or construction manager, Remote visit and supervision of the project, which means a change in the traditional way of working. Both Point Cloud and Revit functions are complementary and help in efficient and accurate planning of any project.

So that the staff responsible for said planning If you are able to take advantage of the benefits that BIM modeling offers, you need to skillfully handle all the tools that are part of the various software and its accessories.

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Use BIM tools successfully with the help of a training center

In the BIM Zone, those who want to train in Revit and in managing Point Clouds will have the possibility Receive quality training aimed at enhancing their professional knowledge, and study of the most commonly used tools in BIM modeling. The study program run by this training center consists of 5 levels, where technicians and professionals from the construction sector have the skills to take on and successfully complete ambitious architectural projects that require innovative design and supervision methods.


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