Gustavo Adolfo Infante llama tapadera de abusadores a Pati Chapoy y Mara Castañeda

This Monday Gustavo Adolfo Infante It launched against the callers Patti Chaboy s Mara Patricia Castaneda Considering that both of them have supported two artists who have been questioned about their actions Abuse against womenAnd the Enrique Guzman s Vicente Fernandez. The two interviewed the artists after they were cast, and the first was touching his granddaughter Frida Sophia When he was five-years-old, he attracted a fan’s chest while taking a photo.

“There they have Patti Chapoy and Mara Castaneda who met, remember I said what a father is and how those who wash the picture Vicente Fernandez “The one who was pressing the girl to her chest,” then shouted, “Don Vicente, I believe him,” and the other, “Enrique, I believe you.” Why not create a club to support pedophiles, abusers of women, Mara and Patti?

“Shame, shame should give these women to do this kind of thing, shame should give them the use of the media to support the alleged The rapists We’ve all seen Vicente, do you think Vicente made a mistake when he grabbed the boobs instead of the waist, why grabbed Canelo by the shoulder? He said: Isn’t that true?

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Mara Patricia Castaneda posted on her channel Sunday Youtube Interview with Patti Chapoy, in which they touched on the topic Enrique Guzman. Mara asked her about lynching for crying in the interview with Enrique, and she replied.

“I realize that as a journalist I should not interfere with what happens to the character I meet, but when you have a broken man by your side denying the accusations being made, and crying for the sake of understanding, I am clearly mobile, I am a human being, I am a normal person. He started bleeding from his nose, and I was afraid that something would happen to him at that moment.

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He added that at the beginning of the interview, Enrique told him that two or three days before Frida Sophia called him, “to tell him that if he does not mediate with his daughter so that she can continue to give the money to Frida, she will take care of the mother and end the whole family.”

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Gustavo Adolfo has already filed his complaint against Enrique Guzman, as he said he would a few weeks earlier when he went to the state prosecutor. He also commented that according to his lawyer, Alonso Peseiro, the prospects are promising.

“He says this is a piece of cake he has no way to win, let me be calm. I respect the laws and I’m sure I have not committed any crime.”

He explained that he did not call at any time that he was a thief, but that he was one of the people interviewed, Miguel Blasco, the music director who was the godfather of Frida Sophia.

“Enrique says I said he was a thief, but this is said by Miguel Blanco, who arrived drowning from the kitchen to look for him. There is the interview. So I think Enrique has serious problems creating a smokescreen to get away from what is really important.”

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On Monday, Gustavo Adolfo sponsored the release of Alejandra Avalos’ new album “Moi Mexicana”.



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