Several dealers have great deals on Resident Evil: Village. Here are the best offers on the game.

With the release of a new trailer for Resident Evil Village yesterday, hype has risen over the new Capcom game that will simultaneously be the first episode of the series on next-generation consoles. It’s clear that PS5 and Xbox Series X owners will benefit the most from RE: Engine ingenuity and especially from the work done on the game’s strengths. Work we already hinted at during the first tech presentation by Capcom.

Two new demos are planned very soon and even Sunday, April 18th for PS5 owners. If you can’t wait to immerse yourself in the rest of Ethan Winters’ adventures, starting May 7, you can pre-order the game now at multiple merchants. In the face of enthusiasm for the title, some have already decided to cut prices. Here’s where to find Resident Evil Village at the best prices.

Amazon Resident Evil Village: 20 € discount

Amazon has the best price for the game: It will take € 49 at the merchant And this is on all platforms. Whether you play on PS4, PS5 or Xbox Series X, you’ll save 20 euros compared to the usual asking price (when it’s not 79 euros on the PS5). It’s a good deal if you’re looking to buy Resident Evil: Village cheaply.

Find Resident Evil Village at 49 € on Amazon

Resident Evil Village at Fnac: Free content

If you are a Fnac member, you can also get a good deal. The dealer offers the game at a price of 54.99 eurosHowever, it offers its members a 10 € gift voucher. Additionally, Fnac is offering a special offer with free DLC content: Mr Raccoon’s Weapon Supplement and Survival Resource Pack that will be available from the game’s dealer. It will help you to stay alive.

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Find Resident Evil Village (+ DLC offer) at € 54 at Fnac

What about other traders?

Obviously, other merchants offer the game, but Amazon and Fnac are the ones who agree with the best pricing at the moment. With these two traders you should place an order today to take advantage of the best offer. Due to the particularly low prices, you are unlikely to find it cheaper even after the game’s release, on the contrary. Prices can go up especially if reviews are positive. Given what we’ve seen from the game so far, everything points to it, even if it’s clear that you shouldn’t sell the bear’s skin before killing it.

Resident Evil Village: What do you expect?

To recall, Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7 which at the time was a reboot of the series. The title reverted to the survival horror aspect, abandoned in earlier episodes that were noticeably more action-oriented, and is not without criticism from the series’ historic (and less historical) fans. So, Village will follow the continuation of the adventures of Ethan Winters, who finds himself in an unusual village to say the least and confronts Mrs. Dimitrisko, after he ventures into the home and strange house of the Baker family in search of his wife (pictured) and her aides. As before, the game is played from a first-person perspective to enhance the immersion, hence the obvious fear that one can feel while playing.

Like we said, it’s survival horror. The game will be available from May 7, 2021, on the PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X. Obviously, these last two platforms will benefit from significantly improved graphics. Capcom also promises almost non-existent load times on the PS5 thanks to the device’s ultra-fast hard drive. As we said in the introduction, we’ll especially appreciate the work done on the realistic lights and textures in particular. You can find more details in our roundup of the April 15 Resident Evil show.

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We also bring you the last trailer for the game to give you a preview:

Find Resident Evil Village at 49 € on Amazon

Find Resident Evil Village (+ DLC offer) at € 54 at Fnac


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