Twitter works in a function that allows you to decide where and when you are mentioned  lifestyle

No matter how many turns Twitter makes, What social network users are really waiting for is the ability to edit the tweets we publish After those thirty seconds after deciding to upload it, and that at a given moment, what we have written can be modified within certain parameters. But from the looks of it, Jack Dorsey isn’t willing to go that far.

So they are looking all the way for little gifts that will distract us from the main target, like the one we knew in the last hours through a Twitter user, who revealed A tool that allows us to block these signals Which leads us to appear in typical conversations that, for some reason, go viral, and don’t stop generating notifications in smart phone. Although it does not refer to us explicitly.

Choose a place and time to appear

What Twitter thinks is that It would be a good idea to give users some control over the messages they are mentioned in. This function will be called remind yourself And this is specifically about being able to request that our mention of a Twitter account disappear from a conversation that we didn’t create, and it doesn’t come to us or not everything said in it.

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In addition to this function, which in some way will be able to edit already posted messages because it undoes one of the above-mentioned profiles, Twitter also measures Choose who and where they can mention us. As is already the case, for example, with certain content such as images, where some users can determine if they qualify for a mention.

But not just asking them to stop mentioning us in an already posted tweet is possible. from social network الشبكة They work to the point that gives us a little relief from the signs Where we can choose a time period of 1, 3 or 7 days to prevent anyone from mentioning us. This way, we will receive fewer notifications and stop getting sucked into conversations that others create during that period of days.

Anyway, and while these improvements look pretty good, From Twitter they dropped that these are the jobs being considered Find out how it will be implemented in our area apps, so it looks like we may be facing a development that will take several months. But at first, things look very, very good.


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