Is Sylvie German's writing difficult for younger people to work with?  For Anne-Catherine Simon, professor of French linguistics at UCLouvain, the difficulty comes in part from the effects of repetition and rhythm.

Sylvie Germain’s proposed script for the French Baccalaureate raises threats and insults towards the novelist.

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cEverything in it took on accents of anger. 30 years ago, Sylvie Germain didn’t think very well when writing her novel angry days. In the torrents that have been poured on her on social networks, since French high school and university students have discovered the proposed text of the French baccalaureate, taken from a novel by the French writer. Thirty years after its publication, on Twitter and Instagram, messages are showered on the inaccessible nature of Sylvie Germane’s writing.

from excerpt from angry days (Femina Award in 1989) The exercise, for high school students, included a discussion of the relationship between man and nature and/or the superiority of nature over man. The task was deemed impossible for some of them who unleashed on social networks, sometimes in a humorous way, but also in the form of physical threats against the French writer.

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