PS5 Stock: The console is back in SFR for a limited time

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The SFR Offer is back on PS5: The player sends you the most requested game console for any new PS5 Digital Edition offer. Watch out, this offer is for a limited time, and because of its success, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this PS5 show take a storm and end in short supply. To receive PS5, SFR offers you to subscribe to the offer of the digital edition compatible with the Viber Power Box, which costs 49 euros per month. Plus €8 per month for 24 months. You have the option to pay for the console in one go, totaling €44 per month for 12 months (then €60 per month) for the Internet box plus SFR Fiber and PS5 at €241 (24-month commitment). Choosing to pay in 24 installments allows you to cut costs and not wait for the end of your monthly payments to start playing your favorite video games.

With the PS5 Digital Edition offering from SFR, you can take advantage of an improved and faster internet connection. Optical fiber significantly reduces latency, so you can play smoothly without losing motions or missing out on lag. The SFR offering includes an Internet box with Fiber, a PS5 game console plus two DualSense wireless controllers, access to TV channels plus an 8K picture perfect for a gaming experience. Immersive experience, plus an SSD drive to store thousands of games on your PlayStation your. Take advantage of the SFR Digital Edition now and get your PS5 at home.

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Click here for Take advantage of the SFR offer on PS5

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