Which zodiac signs are most affected by their effects?

The Late spring Promises to be eventful! While frantic Gemini season 2021 Just starting out, powerful Full moon You will wreak havoc on the night Wednesday, April 26. This is one of the little ” Super moon Of the year, a phenomenon that occurs when the moon reaches the point in its orbit closest to Earth.

The atmosphere would be tense because The first eclipse in 2021 It will take place on the same night. at AstrologyThese events are very intense and can have a decisive impact on our lives. It is a favorable period for change and questioning that can upset all of our projects.

Astrology: Why is the Full Moon Important in May 2021?

« We are entering officially Spring eclipse season 2021, Which means that there are a lot of twists and turns expected for all the signs of the zodiac », Announces the American astronomer Nina was in the magazine hustle. « The full moon on May 26 is the first eclipse of the year and it’s also a super moon, which means it has the ability to turn our world upside down and tilt us in a new path. ».

this is Full moon You will rise in the area of ​​fiery and adventure Sagittarius, Which is the opposite Gemini In the wheel of the zodiac. at Astrology, The Full moons It always happens when The sun and the moon are in conflictThat’s why this is Moon phase It is known to bring in major tensions that can reach their climax. ” Since this lunar phase is also an eclipse, this chaotic energy is expected to quadruple. Important changes occur around this time when we are reorganized with our destiny. », Mine continues.

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Zodiac: What astrological signs will be affected the most by a full moon in May 2021?

Although no one will be exempt from Effects of this full moon associated with a lunar eclipse, Some Zodiac signs You will feel its effects more deeply. This will be the case for sons virgin, The SagittariusAnd the Gemini And the Pisces.

It is not necessarily negative! These finds and twists and turns can benefit you, if you can deal with them and take advantage of them. Read the astrologer predictions sign with reference to find out what this is Super moon The danger of provocation in your life …

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