They follow the movements inside a blizzard and as it was known nowChacko Sonny, the executive producer of Overwatch, has left the company.

The CEO released the news, and This way he joins the list of workers who have left the company in recent months, which we must remember, is involved in a series of legal battles in the wake of complaints of harassment and discrimination.

Through a statement sent to ribbed, it is noted that he left the company to “Take a break after five years of work”. At the moment, Sony has not been involved in any accusations against the company.

This is not the only resignation that has been involved with Overwatch, and it should be remembered that five months ago, Also leaving the company is Jeff Kaplan, director of games and vice president of Blizzard.. Despite this, they point out from Blizzard that Overwatch 2 is still on track and “in its final stages of production.”

On the other hand, in the legal battle between California and Blizzard, recently The HR department has been assigned to the developer Destroy associated documents for labor claims and internal investigations.

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