Plane crash survivors, the eldest learned to take care of the little ones –

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New York – Four children – eldest aged 13 and siblings aged nine, four and one – belong to the indigenous Huitoto community The first survivor of a plane crash where her mother, Magdalena Jacobombaire Mokotoi, pilot and indigenous leader, was killed, and Then for 40 days alone in the Amazon jungleEscape from Jaguars and other predators.

Colombia’s President, Gustavo Petro, called their discovery “a joy for the whole country.” Grandmother Fatima Valencia explained that her older sister, Leslie, was as well He is used to taking care of siblings – Soleiny, Tien Noriel and Cristin who celebrated their birthday in the woods. “He fed them cassava bread and fruit” when their mother was at work and this helped them survive.

the pictures The authorities released him They show rescuers feeding the little girl with a bottle and the others, dehydrated and eaten by insects, with a spoon, before being whisked away by helicopter. In the capital, Bogota, they were taken to hospital for examinations and treatment.

On May 1, the Cessna 206 they were in departed from Araraquara, in the Amazon province, bound for San Jose del Guaviare. The family was supposed to meet Manuel Ranoc, Madgalena’s husband. According to the newspaper El Tiempo, Ranoc, a relative of a political leader, was forced to leave the Puerto Sabalo community where they lived together, after receiving threats from criminal gangs in the area: he had found a job in Bogota and raised enough money for the family to join him. Dozens of Aboriginal soldiers and volunteers from which the family belonged were involved in the search for the children. Rescuers followed RsAces left by children Near the plane: shoe prints, scissors, a bottle of water and a makeshift shelter where they spent the night. Helicopters were flying over the area, broadcasting a message through loudspeakers Their grandmother recorded it in the Huitoto language asking them to stop so they could be located.

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