Tigres y su gusto por elementos de Pumas; en el Apertura 2021 iría por Juan Pablo Vigon

Throughout history, UANL Tigres have signed some characters from Pumas. In Apertura 2021 they will choose Mexican midfielder Juan Pablo Figon

When the capital’s players start to show up, they find Monterrey an attractive proposition. Examples Jesus Olald, Jaime Lozano and Antonio Sancho. While, in recent history, it has been found Ismail Soussa Which sold for about $10 million Carlos Gonzalez, Hagar’s last number.

Paraguay striker Score 34 goals And he made a great duo with Juan Ignacio Denino; Together they reached the Liga MX Final at Apertura 2020.

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However, for Clausura 2021, the striker is left around $5.5 million. In his first tournament He played 16 matches and scored 4 goals.

Mexico national team: Why Martino trained with Lozano against Panama

Looking ahead to Apertura 2021, the Tigres board of directors is referring to a new Pumas player. it’s about Juan Pablo Vigon, The Mexican midfielder has been one of Pedregal’s most regular players in recent years. He has worn the Oriazole shirt since then opening 2019, records 55 matches and 9 goals.

“Tigris has practically tied Juan Pablo Figon. The steering wheel would be a sensitive loss for the Pumas”, Wrote Juan Carlos Cartagena.

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