Harassment, New York Attorney General files charges against Cuomo

Albany County District Attorney David Soares announced three days before the former Democratic governor will appear in court.

accusation – The woman’s name does not appear in the report, but she has identified herself as Brittany Commisso, one of Cuomo’s aides. The young woman said the former governor put his hand on her blouse and grabbed her breasts when they were alone in an office at her residence in late 2020.

Cuomo’s resignation – Cuomo resigned in August over allegations of sexual harassment by several women. Comiso’s testimony was included in the August report by the state’s attorney general, Letitia James, which alleged that Cuomo sexually assaulted 11 women, a file that eventually led to his farewell.

Nevertheless, COMESO is considered “credible” – Thus, the former governor was unscathed by one of the most insidious allegations of harassment, as well as by the manipulation of the numbers of elderly people who died of Covid in nursing homes. The capital’s public prosecutor had announced that he would not be charged with the difficulty of proving the charges in court, although he considers Brittany Commisso, the former employee who denounced him for touching her breasts when they were alone, “credible and cooperative.” An office in his residence at the end of 2020. A decision showing how difficult it is to prove sexual allegations in a court of law.

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