Europe wants to speed up the deployment of charging stations

After an informal council in which Jean-Baptiste Djebari received his counterparts, European countries agreed to speed up the deployment of the network of charging stations.

With the advent of the electric car, Charging infrastructure must be followed to ensure the future of this energy. Several countries, including France, have announced large-scale plans to expand the network of electric car charging stations, although delays have already been announced for their timely implementation.

European plan

But to speed up the process on a larger scale, European countries have agreed to speed up the deployment of a network of charging stations for electric cars.As French Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Jabbari noted on Tuesday at the conclusion of an informal meeting in which he received his counterparts.

Transport and infrastructure ministers and representatives of European countries met on Monday and Tuesday at the Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget, north of Paris, Under the French Presidency of the European Union.

“A high-level consensus has been reached in all European countries to speed up the deployment of charging stations”The minister said during a press conference in Le Bourget.

Alignment of charging stations

To achieve this goal, several measures will be taken, starting with Station formatAnd the their business modelAnd the cover rural areas And the Electricity needs “decarbonized”.

« CThis transition is costly and will remain expensive, committed to unprecedented volumes and in a very short time.”Jean-Baptiste Djebari stressed. The subject of purchasing power has been discussed extensively. We will have to build the necessary social justice approach.”.

Not only did the ministers focus on road transport, but the aviation sector also focused on: “A consensus on technologies that can be used, particularly alternative fuels to kerosene – whether based on used cooking oil, agricultural or forest waste – or aimed at producing synthetic fuels and products from hydrogen and carbon dioxide.”2 If it can be captured in the atmosphere »The French minister stressed.

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