Video.  'I no longer lack Taliban rent': Sebti Bouajja's Airbnb expulsion deplores the racism he was a victim of

I no longer need to rent to the Taliban. “After my sabbath was surprised by his stinging, he could not believe his ears. This sentence was just completed by the owner of the apartment they booked on Airbnb, a few minutes after they arrived at the rental location for inventory. On Saturday, December 25, this businessman from Mulhouse decided to take his mother and 14-year-old son to see part of the family in Annecy. The mother has Parkinson’s disease and had two recent strokes, and is finding it difficult to move around. So Sebti decided to rent a comfortable apartment on Airbnb. But the rent did not go as planned.

Sabti recalls that as soon as they reach the scene, the owner stares at them in annoyance. Hello ‘hateful’, and a quick discovery of the apartment later, the woman whispers in the midst of her breath: ‘I no longer lack my rent to the Taliban.’ Shocked, the psychedelic remains silent and continues to visit. “My mother was tired, so I asked to have her fixed before I finished the tour,” he explains. There, the girl comes back alive and jogs: “I don’t feel for you, I don’t praise you.”

“Come, jump, jump,” she insists, pointing to the little family’s exit. Surprised by this sudden change, Sebti explained that he had booked and paid 460 euros for her order. “I told him, ‘If it’s 9:30 p.m., where do you want us to sleep now?’ She told me it wasn’t her problem,” he says. Furious, the businessman considers that he was the victim of a discriminatory act. “I did face abuse. It was humiliating.”

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I am a victim of xenophobia and racism. I will put this on social networks so that everyone can see that you are a racist and that you do not want to rent an apartment to an Arab,” he assured the apartment owner in a video posted on social media the same evening.

Airbnb contacted the father to inform him that the woman had been banned from the platform and the booking had been refunded to him. Sebti Bouajja contacted his lawyer, who filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor in Annecy. From this action, he awaits a conviction, “albeit symbolically,” from the owner, to show his young son, shocked at the sight, “that in France, discrimination is punishable.”


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