De gauche à droite au premier rang : Arlette Kerardy, Yves Le Guen, Danièle Jouanjean, Jacques Mangold, Raymond Pépin et Sylviane Pépin.
From left to right in the first row: Arlette Kirardi, Yves Logan, Danielle Guangin, Jack Mangold, Raymond Pippen and Sylvian Pippen. (© La Presse d’Armor)

Friday, August 27, President of the Republic Daniel Guangjin The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Al-Mawwat Club was held and a news was announced that had an impacta bolt from the blue : The association set up by Paulette Rio 45 years ago has gone out of business.

Dim hope meeting will be held today October 22.

The health crisis disturbed projects

A sign of the times, this General Assembly was scheduled for March 2020, but the successive waves of COVID-19 and the ensuing shutdown have completely upset the projects. Postponed and then canceled flights, meals, snacks, and trap meetings...

after Missing members praised Since the last gathering, including creator Paulette Rio herself in August 2019, evaluating the sporadic activities of the past months (with the addition of moving meetings to Kerfoot due to work at the village hall).

The office does not represent itself

Danielle Guanghen gave the floor to two other believers of the Assembly, Raymond Pepin, the treasurer, who gave details of the association’s accounts, and his wife Sylvian, the secretary, who carried out the inventory of the office: “Those who leave office do not represent themselves and the treasurer, who finds himself alone, resigns …”

So the Seagull Club no longer has an office, and in The audience is a little dumbfoundedIt’s a mess. Danielle Guanghen declared that if no one took the reins, Assembly will be closed.

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Mayor’s concern

“I take the news with some concern. In a town like ours, we need an association to socialize with the elderly, to prevent their isolation. Something else must be found, continues the mayor. Our role as elected officials will be to meet people who want to do something with us. The gym must continue The association must continue. I thank you all. You did a great job.”

Jack Mangoldmayor of bluzic

need volunteers

Among the audience, a lady nodded and applauded the team. Faced with these testimonies, Danielle Guanghen and her team decided to give volunteers some time to make their decisions. An extraordinary general meeting is scheduled for October 22.

People who want to join the association, offer new activities (hiking, theater workshops, gardening, etc.) and take up jobs in the association Call City Hall on 02 96 20 64 90.

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