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One of the best times in life is in your twenties because you have more energy, you have more time on your hands, others don’t have many responsibilities and you have less money in your wallet.

Of course, at this point in life you can commit some financial mistakes That could affect our pockets in the long run.

Here we will share three financial mistakes What you should not stick to if you are 20 or older; This will help you ensure that your economy is not affected in the future.

1. Spend all your money on fun

Going to the club with friends, going on a trip, etc. is not a bad thing, however, the problem comes when you do this type of activity frequently, because socializing is very expensive and many spend more than they have to enjoy it.

Some experts recommend not setting priorities aside, for example, in one weekend you can use your money to go out, party, etc., but you can also use it to take a course that will be beneficial in the long run.

The point is that there is a balance between your social life and your future.

2. Not paying the card on time

Most 20 year olds already own a credit card, which is very easy to get now. However, a fatal mistake can be made to think that if you buy with plastic, then everything will be “free”.

Feeling like buying a product or service without having to cash can lead many young people into debt.

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However, you must take into account that you are using a file Credit card Sooner or later, you will have to repay the loan, so it is important not to use plastic as if you have extra money, in addition, it is important to pay off your debts on time.

3. Not saving

Most 20 year olds just want to have fun, so they end up spending all their money in one weekend. This eventually becomes a bad financial habit.

In this sense, when you reach the age of thirty, it becomes difficult to get used to saving, which means that your personal finances are not healthy.

Therefore, if you are in your twenties, it is recommended that you follow a saving method that can help you foster a good financial habit and, finally, in the long run, it will be very beneficial for you to balance your income and expenses.


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