François Barwin, former head of the Arab Monetary Fund, has been appointed President of Barclays France

On the right, there were many who wanted him to be a presidential candidate, but this is not the path he chose. The former economy minister was appointed Thursday (January 20th) as head of the French branch of British bank Barclays France. The mayor of Troyes (Aube), 56, has since 2018 practiced an advisory role within the bank on deals in the investment banking sector.

François Barouin’s experience and stature make him an ideal choice to become a President [président] for France”Francesco Seccato, Barclays Europe CEO, explains, quoted in a press release. “By expanding his role, he will be able to contribute even more strongly to the expansion of our activities in France”, continued.

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In particular, Mr. Barwin will be tasked with co-developing relationships with the bank’s major clients and promoting all activities and solutions offered by Barclays Bank in France, said the press release.

The darling of the Right who Christian Jacob, the head of the Republican Party, dreamed of as a man of Providence, capable of leading the party to a presidential victory, should not withdraw from the meetings in which he participates in the framework of the campaign. From Valerie Pecres, according to an inside source. asked by the scientistParty managers see no problem with the mayor of Troyes becoming president of Barclays France.

Not the first former minister to choose the private sector

The former parliamentarian, François Barouin, served several times as minister of right-wing governments between 2005 and 2012, notably the Ministry of the Interior, Budget, Economy and Finance. He led until 2021 the Association of Mayors of Strong France (AMF).

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He is not the first ex-minister to opt for the private sector: former associate of Mr. Barwin Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet went through Capgemini while former Prime Minister François Fillon joined asset management and investment firm Tikehau Capital. Fleur Pelerin, a former culture minister under François Hollande, for her part set up an investment fund, Corelia Capital, in 2016.

The British Bank employs about three hundred people in France, with investment banking activity but also investment, finance and private banking. Barclays has, in the past, practiced its retail banking business in France, before announcing its withdrawal in 2014. A social scheme and the sale of branches in 2017 to investment fund AnaCap Financial Partners led to the creation of Bank Melis, launched in 2018.

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