The crash occurred on the A10 highway near Artenay, exactly between the A19 junction and the Ardenay exit, at 3:45 p.m. Violent collisions between two heavy trucks forced traffic on this route to be completely cut off.

So is the A10 motorway Completely disconnected from the Orléans-Nord towards Paris. Motor lanes are prohibited from the Orléans-Nord interchange, and for drivers already on the lane, exiting toward the A19 is mandatory.

There are motorists though Trapped behind the crash, A plug was created for several kilometers. Vinci, the A10 motorway supplier and existing genders, will drive them through service roads.

In the direction of the province of Paris, because a traffic lane is neutral Under the impact of the collision, the cape of a heavy truck was thrown into the left lane. Entering the highway near Orton was not forbidden, but strongly discouraged.

The driver of one of the trucks was slightly injured and taken to Orléans à la Source Hospital, while the other was unharmed. It creates Major traffic difficulties on RD202 between Gérondeau Roundabout and Cercottes Gate in Saran.

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