Jonah Gibbs, Clermont coach after victory over Dolan:

Jonah Gibbs (coach of Clermont, after a 31-16 win over Dolan): “It was the last rugby match before the holidays. We felt a little nervous before the game. We tried to set up a dynamic game, but the ball was slippery. It was different to see Morgan (Barra) Losing points is not normal for us! We wasted 13 points, with which we would have been more comfortable during the game. But we had opportunities, and we created pressure. In the end, these are the five important points because we dominated. There are times when we suffer because we miss opportunities to kill the game. I was not ready to take stock, but spent 80 minutes stressed! With frustrating, stupid mistakes. I want to take a step back and share a can with Frank (Asema), It’s a good thing in the lives of coaches. Leave me a week! “

Morgan Barra (scrum half from Clermont): “When Doolon was reduced to 14 we had to hit several times, we were five meters away, we should have finished, but we ended up in frustration. We left them in the game, but it’s important to get out with the attacking bonus.From the start of the season, there are good things, not so good, like the wrong move against Castres here, without it we ‘ll be six.But we go ahead, it’s up to us. We caught the ball and missed Doolan. “


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