Clashes between Lebanon and Israel along the border: tear gas from Tel Aviv against vehicles coming from Beirut.  The Blue Helmets are getting involved

tear gas Go ahead and shoot yourself Israeli soldiers Against a bulldozer From the Lebanese army Hey United Nations Blue Helmets Which intervenes to separate the two parts. A brief clash has no immediate consequences, but it’s enough to build tension along the way Blue line Which represents the border between Israel and Lebanon and specifically in a disputed area near Shebaa Farms. It’s about the second episode A clash between the two countries within a few days after last September 23.

The army itself reported the new moment of tension Beirutalong with nearby media Hizb allahThe Lebanese Armed Shiite Party. According to its reconstruction, a Lebanese army bulldozer was trying to open a road in a disputed area on the Blue Line, inBastra areaWhen she found herself under tear gas bombs fired by the army Tel Aviv. At that point, the UN Blue Helmets intervened and were working along the line of communication with the mission UNIFIL. In some videos circulating on social media, a Hezbollah activist can be seen in close proximity to some Israeli soldiers, separated only by a few blue helmets.

The Bastara region has been under the media and political spotlight in both countries for weeks. Hezbollah, in fact, is a situation tent And Two observation rooms On a nearby hill, in a part of the territory that crosses the Blue Line, while the Lebanese Army has been trying for days to open a dirt road to connect that area to the asphalt road leading to a neighboring town. Kafr Shuba.


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