Cachorros derrotan 7-4 a Rojos a pesar de dos cuadrangulares de Arístides Aquino

Ian Hap and Patrick Wisdom beat teammates from three runs, and the Chicago Cups beat the Cincinnati Reds 7-4 on Monday despite Aristides Aquino being in attendance.

Hap Seiya led Suzuki with a fourth-stroke double before Hikma hit the top level of his team into the 10th house.

With Chicago leading 4-3 with two wins in the seventh inning, Happ sent Mexican director Luis Sesa’s first pitch to the stands in front of the right field.

Drew Smiley (2-5) of the Cubs pitched 5 2/3 innings, disrupting three runs with a four-stroke and eight hits.

Smyly looked destined for one of his best showings of the season as he retired 13 players at one point, but struggled in sixth when Tommy Pham hit him with a solo kicker and Aquino kicked a penalty on the field. .

For the Reds, Dominican Aristides Aquino 4-2, 2 points, 3 points RBI.

For the Cubs, Venezuelan Rafael Ortega 4-1. Dominican Jonathan Villar 5-1. Brazilian Yan Gomez 4-0. Dominican Christopher Morell 4-1 and one record.

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