attention. Through a statement, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that You are looking for volunteers who would like to participate in a simulation missionFor a year in an isolated environment simulating survival on the Red Planet.

This project will consist of three similar missions of one year each, and The first will begin in the fall of 2022. This is as part of preparations to eventually send astronauts to Mars.

According to NASA, the results will provide important scientific data for validating systems and developing solutions to potential problems humanity may encounter far from Earth.

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  • Who can participate?

As detailed by the space agency, NASA requires 4 participants, who will be paid, who hold a master’s degree in a STEM field such as engineering, mathematics, biology, physics or computer science; or a 1,000 hours minimum to fly a plane.

Candidates who have completed two years of work for a PhD program in STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) will also be considered; Or hold a medical degree or pilot program.

It must be specified that the tasks of the crew will include Simulation of spacewalks, scientific research, use of virtual reality and robotic controls, and communication exchange.

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