Cammy and Guile from Street Fighter suddenly appear in the game

Fortnite continues to promote many characters with its battle royale mode. This time, they are two very famous fighters in the world of video games, because they are Cammy and Guile, the unforgettable stars of the Street Fighter saga.

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More specifically, it will be available no later than the Item Shop on August 8, 1 a.m. (CEST). Will you watch?

Let’s talk a little bit about Guile…

Adorned with his unique flat hairstyle, Guile left his Air Force base aboard the Battle Bus and set foot in Fortnite. Guile’s outfit features the iconic green outfit he wore in the original Street Fighter II, but also has a holiday-themed Guile variant ready to go to the beach as well as an accessory back KO.

quantitative cami…

“Cami is a member of Delta Red, and he’s ready for action. In addition to the classic Cammy outfit, you’ll get the Aurora Dorsal back accessory and the Tactical Cammy variant…”

If you are tempted by both characters, you can, if you wish, take advantage of Cammy et Guile package To get both clothing and background accessories, with a second round loading screen as a bonus. amazing.

That’s not all, of course, because to complete their extensive collection, the two protagonists will also wear special equipment, with Guile’s Slicer axe, Cammy’s red Delta knife axe and the V-Trigger Vector glider, inspired by Guile’s original battlefield.

Kami Cup, Program:

You will also have a chance to win the Cammy Outfit and Aurora Backpack accessories before they arrive in the Item Shop by participating in the Kami Cup on August 5th. Either tomorrow!

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“Call a friend and fight in this duo tournament! The best teams in each region will receive the Cammy outfit and the Aurora Dorsal back accessory, and any team that drops at least 8 points will open the second round loading screen.”

The Cammy Cup will last three hours in each region. Teams will have a maximum of 10 matches to earn as many points as possible.


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