Minecraft-related developers betting on NFT and other digital assets by Cointelegraph
Developers associated with Minecraft are betting to share via NFT and other digital assets

Over the weekend, Climate Replay, made up of developers from Mojang Group, creators of the popular Minecraft series, posted a commitment to the responsible integration of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, and digital currencies, into the game.

“Games give us hope in a world of increasing uncertainty,” says the Climate Replay team. “They help us reach our creative potential and free us from the constraints of the real world, whether physical, financial or otherwise.” However, they cautioned about the current state of digital assets interfering with gaming:

“Most forms of NFTs, and therefore most forms of digital ownership, in their current state, serve the exact opposite: their value is determined entirely by artificial scarcity and speculation and fueled by unnecessary spending.” of material resources.

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“It is therefore essential for the health of the global gaming community, the planet, and society as a whole to ensure that any adoption of blockchain-based technologies, such as NFTs, only occurs when they bring demonstrable value to players.” The team wrote.” To potentially solve the above problem, they suggested the developers of Game Finance, or GameFi; adhere to the following guidelines, among others:

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