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The famous English musician took matters into his own hands and fixed some potholes in the roads near his house

British singer and musician Rod Stewart has embarked on an unexpected road maintenance business, preparing himself to fix potholes a short distance from his home in Harlow, Essex. Stewart posted a video documenting what happened, complaining about the lack of interest from the foundations, which instead fund the construction of a highway in the immediate vicinity: “The other day, an ambulance blew a tire! My Ferrari can’t get through at all. So I thought I And guys we’re going to do the job ourselves. That’s what we’re doing, we’re fixing holes while millions and millions of pounds have been spent on the M11!”

Rod Stewart’s gesture was applauded by many, but the same did not happen with the English local authorities, who called on citizens not to engage in similar, risky activities due to the precarious security conditions. However, the video appears to have had the desired effect, as the very high visibility of road conditions prompted area politicians to carry out official maintenance of the road, which Stewart’s amateur team temporarily made tolerable.

Mar 22 2022 (change on Mar 22, 2022 | 16:01)

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