The Lotus 132 Electric SUV will look like this!

Patent filings and intellectual property for designs are always a goldmine for future cars. Here, the 100% electric Lotus Type 132 SUV is revealed.

Attention, these 3D graphics do not display a natural perspective. Also, the car may appear “distorted”. At the end of March 2022, Lotus will unveil the first SUV in its history. In addition, it will be electric. A doubly fad for Hethel fans. Its code name is type 132.

In the graphics, the forehead looks aggressive with heavy branded armor and a hood that also has wrinkles. The two parts in two parts represent a drastic change from Elise and even Evija (Type 130). SUVs/crossovers require that the wings also be marked with colored plastic (or carbon?) beading with a double bow.

Aero licks to offset the weight?

The belt line rises in the back while the rear wing rises. Here again it is about “working hard”. The roof joins the tailgate in a “floating” manner. There’s a little Lamborghini Urus in mind, right?

In the “anomaly” we note the presence of a rear spoiler with two horns, as well as an insert on the front and rear of the roof. Obviously, exterior mirrors are meant to be cameras. Are there also cameras for driving aids on the roof?

Theoretically, the Lotus Type 132 should use an 800-volt battery. Capacity is expected to be between 90 and 120 kWh with several autonomy packages offered, which will correspond to many power levels. We are talking about 600 to 750 hp.

For “light is suitable” we will necessarily return due to the weight of the SUV, which is more than 100 kWh. Colin Chapman has to get the chopper into his coffin by flipping through his grave.

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