He loses a ring worth €750,000 at the Ritz and considers stealing.  This is where it ended

A big “commotion” for nothing led to turmoil in the famous hotel Ritz Paris, one of the oldest and most prestigious cities in the French capital. It all happened because of a missing link. Obviously, looking at the customers, it was not just a ring, but a jewel set with a 6.51-carat diamond and two platinum baguettes worth €750,000.


It all happened between 9.50 and 11.30 on Friday, while a wealthy Malaysian businesswoman, in Paris on business, was having breakfast and placed the ring next to the tray. She then went out shopping in the most luxurious Parisian stores, and upon her return, the ring had disappeared. The angry lady began to become suspicious, as she always does, of the hotel cleaning staff.

Furious, she then rushed to the nearest police station where she filed a report, immediately triggering searches for the theft. After careful searches, the precious piece was found in the bag of the vacuum cleaner that was used to clean various rooms. One might say that all’s well that ends well, but that’s not really the case. Because while the French police took credit for this discovery, the hotel management denies it, claiming that it was thanks to: “toThe meticulous research work carried out by hotel security officers“, further saying that”The customer was very happy with the news and thanked the hotel and all the employees“.

All hotel thefts

If we take the Ritz management’s explanation seriously, this is not the first time the hotel has witnessed some major thefts in its prestigious suites. In 2018, jewelry worth 800,000 euros was stolen from a Saudi princess, who carelessly left it in her room unattended, without putting it in the hotel safe.

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A few months ago, a group of thieves smashed the windows of jewelry stores on the ground floor of the building with axes, then fled with the axes and many valuables. But the most sensational theft was also told on the reality show Walking with the KardashiansThat was exactly it Kim kardashian Who was staying at the Ritz for Fashion Week. Not only was all of the influencer’s jewelry worth millions of euros stolen, but she was tied up and threatened by the thieves.


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