Nicki Minaj criticizes Jessie J after she said about her musical collaboration

One of the most important revelations in 2014 was the collaboration between Jesse JAnd Ariana Grande NS Nicki Minaj in the song Bang bang.

According to what Jesse sent to the magazine joyShe and Ariana Grande were delighted with what she wrote Max Martin From the first moment. Under this scenario they both decided that she would record first house and second grande, so later Nicki Minaj appeared in the studio asking to be a part of the production.

And given the statement of the British singer Nicki Minaj, she made it clear that her participation was not on her own initiative, and she expressed this through her social networking sites. “Jesse, honey, I didn’t hear the song and asked to be on it. The record company asked me to join and paid me. How did I hear the song? What am I a radar song? Should I go look for it? That’s what another artist said recently. You have to stand up. I love you.”

Thanks to Twitter users, he recovered AMP . Radio InterviewWhere Minaj referred to some of her songs that were mentioned among them bang bang.