“Spelling by definition is incorrect. The controversy that erupted over the monologue of Bio and Amedeo is hypocrisy. Every language is understood in its context.”. In defense of the comedic duo who ended up in the eye of the storm for a controversial intervention on TV, the cartoonist sided with. Fauro SeneseHere is an explanation: “In satirical language that can be close to comic language, political error is an essential component, and bringing some clichés to their paradoxes is one of the mechanisms of satire.”. The cartoonist continues: “In a satirical context, the language is clear, and whoever uses it knows very well that this is a deliberately changed language, and it is a strange and contradictory language. Political language is something else. If terms like” Negro “or” Abnormal “are used in political language, the meaning is, Due to the difference in context, it is completely typeface..

Sword defense is Vauro’s defense, which fires arrows against politics. “Whereas sarcastic language can cause the stigmatizing effect of these clichés – We conclude – In political language, there is often a desire to commit (public places, ed.) To chase the famous stomachs ”. Bio and Amedeo, In the latest version of happy evening On channel 5, they called a excitementSayings or worse intentions? “Nero, go back to your house, is it better or worse than a nigger, shall I come back to you and let us go to dinner together? It is not enough to remove the letter” g “in the middle to wash fools’ consciences, rather we have to fight fools with their weapons. Do they tell you nigga? On them, and you disarm them. “Amedeo said.

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Pew tried to stop him (pretend) and tell him that he was entering a dangerous area and that some concepts could be misunderstood: “I distancing myself.”. But Amedeo continued: “Politically correct is broken. You have to be able to joke about everything, even greed Jewish, For example. Why can we tell Genoese instead? “. The comedian insisted: “You can’t say Riccione, you have to say gay. They teach us that language is more important than reason. But the problem is hatred and intention. If they call you gay or homosexual to hurt you, laugh at them. The ignorant and stupid people will not know what to do. The fact that homosexuals are they are enough.” Just who are Hitler’s sensitive people! Rumor has it that he was gay. Do you think he was sensitive? ”.

Pew had to close: “Amedeo, you should never introduce yourself and do you know why? Because we are in Italy. Tomorrow someone criticizes us and we disappeared into the void. So I apologize.”. But this one Apologies He never arrived, because the comedians believed they had done nothing wrong, despite the spokesperson’s numerous protests. Gay party For the rights of gay people and the Jewish community in Rome.


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