These days there is nothing but talk varante Omicron Covid-19 and what are its implications for infection data: But What are the symptoms?? Why is it different from its predecessors? Since there is no definitive data yet, as the alarm was raised a few weeks ago, it seems certain that the symptoms present in a different way. As mentioned HumanitiesAnd raw data From South Africa – where the variant was first identified – suggests that Omicron may have one Greater spreading capacity From one individual to another and a significant growth advantage over the delta variant.

Omincron more contagious than delta

A study from the University of Hong Kong reports Newspaper, Shows that the Omicron’s portability can be 70 times faster than Delta variant. But the effects are different. While Delta attacked the lungs, Omicron appeared to multiply more in the airways, which actually resulted in a less dangerous and more similar to conventional influenza. In short, the virus appears to be slowly adapting to humans.

But we repeat: these are preliminary data that must be confirmed in the coming weeks. As study coordinator Chan Chi Wai of the Center for Immunology and Infection at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park said, “the severity of disease in humans is determined not only by the replication of the virus, but also by the replication of the virus. host immune response to infection“.

What are the symptoms of Omicron

compared to Previous VariablesOmicron appears to present with various symptoms. What are the first symptoms of Omicron been detected yet? Prophet Reports indicate that, based on data from Great Britain, where it is currently widespread, Omicron has cold-like symptoms.

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Instead of a severe cough, fever, and loss of taste and smell, the first symptoms they appear are the cold (Runny nose, itchy throat, sneezing) accompanied by Fatigue, body aches and headaches. This was stated and confirmed by Dr Angelique Coetzee, an immunologist who sequenced the Omicron variant for the first time in South Africa. Daily bulletins talk about Few deaths, commensurate with the positives.

Update Jan 16 2022: Among the possible symptoms of Omicron that have been discovered in recent weeks we add:

  • loss of sense of smell and taste, even if it is less than delta (only 13% of cases),
  • noticeable night sweats,
  • goosebumps
  • People with weakened immune systems are more likely to suffer from digestive disorders, such as dysentery.


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