Mathematics is a universal subject that has been used through various applications and industries. The Military is one such department that finds mathematics useful in carrying out their duties. There are various ways mathematics has been used to solve problems in the military for years now. Mathematics can be used in detecting how various elements in the military system work. Thanks to mathematics, the army can know the specific weapons they need and those they don’t need. In this article, we will be looking at math in the military and how the knowledge of math can help soldiers.

World War II and mathematics

During the Second World War, mathematicians not only participated in the development of weapons, but also actively helped to solve very specific problems. Sometimes mathematicians and scientists, on the contrary, stumbled upon a misunderstanding between military officials and state policy. Krylov developed tables of unsinkability, according to which it was possible to calculate how the ship would be affected by the flooding of certain compartments. Furthermore, the tables made it possible to obtain information about which compartments needed to be flooded to eliminate the role of the ship. And it’s not one example of when math helped in the military. 

Here is a quote from a famous person, and if you want to find his book or something else try to use e-turabian citation, and you’ll find the needed information easily. So as J. Ellenberg said: “As a rule, the winner is the one who shoots down 5% fewer aircraft, uses 5% less fuel, or who provides infantry with 5% better nutrition at 95% of the cost. It is not customary to talk about such things in war films, but wars themselves come down to them. And at every stage of this path, there is mathematics.”

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Computational Analysis


The military makes use of computers in countless numbers of ways. Thanks to mathematics, computational analysis has been quite effective in the military. So with the help of mathematics, the computers in the military can compute the salaries of every soldier, the number of military operations they’ve engaged in, service medals, and a lot more details. There would be no development in technology as a whole without mathematics. Math is the reason why Military computers are capable of carrying out various functions. From simple to complicated tasks, mathematics makes computational analysis possible in the military.

The importance of good education in the army

Mathematics is the queen of sciences, it finds application in physics, chemistry, and geography. Including in armed conflicts. The course of sometimes wars was largely determined by the size of the army, technology, money, and natural and human resources of the participating countries. But sometimes the main thing is something else – intelligence.

If you think that you cannot study and go to the army, you are wrong. A soldier must be not only strong, but also educated. Physics, chemistry, history, and especially mathematics are important in military affairs. To be a good soldier, a person must be comprehensively developed, and able to learn and think quickly. We develop all these abilities at school, including with the help of mathematics.

The beginning of the use of mathematical knowledge in military affairs dates back to ancient times. It is known that in ancient Babylon, arithmetic information was used when calculating the necessary reserves for the army, while geometry was used in the construction of fortifications and calculating the amount of necessary land work. The creation of mathematical analysis – differential and integral calculus – was largely associated with the tasks put forward by artillery, and later, in turn, the development of new mathematics had a huge impact on the progress of artillery itself. At all times, it was believed that an artillery officer is also a good connoisseur of mathematics. 

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Solving Problems With Math In The Military

The impact of mathematics is evident in helping the Army carry out its duties. Thanks to the mathematics research program, the army has developed sophisticated capabilities that have helped shape the military. Some of the areas influenced include evaluations, training, materials, logistics, systems, and acquisition. Mathematics has also been vital in calculating, controlling, and analyzing complex situations. It has also proved effective in improving and modeling systems crucial to the army’s interest.

Tactical Precision

Most times, you see the military carry out a precise tactical move that is effective. It wasn’t guesswork; this was a well-planned operation. These operations yield tactical Precision thanks to mathematics. Tactical precision has to do with carrying out specific calculations related to aiming. Thanks to mathematics, tactical precision is all about taking bold aims at striking at different objects without being too sure of the appropriateness. 

Mathematics is the key tool that the army national guard uses in mastering the power of tactical precision. Tactical precision helps in areas ranging from flight patterns and advanced ballistics to personnel management. These complex areas will never be solved with the help of math. 

Intelligence System

Mathematics has made intelligence systems in the military to be more sophisticated and capable of producing results even when there is uncertainty. Today the army makes use of intelligence systems to coordinate and issue commands to army personnel on the line of duty. Intelligence systems can also create a simulated battlefield where student soldiers can learn a lesson on battle formation and structure. 

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Sniper Maths

Snipers calculate bullet velocity, flight time, and very long shots. They also determine wind impact, resistance, drop from gravity, and many more. All of these would be impossible without mathematics. Snipers carry out trigonometry problems and answer analysis to determine how to get the ideal shot for their target.

Snipers have a lot to do with mathematics. Everything to the tiniest details are calculated. They have to take measurements to ensure that the shot’s accuracy is perfect, solving trigonometry problems is one of the essential aspects of mathematics that snipers have to deal with. Trigonometry practice problems answers are part of a standard school math course that students do in class.  However, it is also a critical aspect of the military to this very day.

Final Thoughts

Mathematics is not just an academic subject studied in schools and colleges across the world. It has become a universal subject that is also applicable in the military. The military functions at optimum capacity, thanks to the power of mathematics. This article shows some of the various aspects that show how useful mathematics is in the military.


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