Maria Giovanna Magli intervened in contact with Italy tonight On Rete 4 to talk about the chaos in the second dose that erupted after the decision of the Scientific Technical Committee to stop vaccinations with AstraZeneca For those under 60. Therefore, those who belong to this category and who have previously been given the Anglo-Swedish vaccine will have to do the recall with Pfizer or Moderna according to the new indications.

Select Magli AstraZeneca “scapegoat everything” He sided with General Francesco Paolo Vigliolo: “He did what a great military logistician does, that is, he organized something very difficult and for this reason also I hope a vaccine isn’t our thing forever, because we’d be spoiled if that was the case. It would require something that is less difficult to manufacture and distribute, less toxic and has a longer shelf life. We have no idea what the effects of the vaccine will be in 10-20 years.”

Then Magley got into a little quarrel with Tommaso Labette Donald Trump: “He gave them money for vaccines, not just talking. Indeed, the United States continues a very smart path of huge economic investments in treatments and vaccines, and it is doing it without hysteria. On the other hand, we are turning the vaccine into an ideological vaccine.”

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