Formula 1: Driver at a standstill - does he inherit Hamilton now?

Formula 1: The driver is at a standstill – is he running away now?

06/09/2022 at 08:20 am

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In the Monaco GP, Red Bull managed to do just that. Sergio Perez will drive his car until 2024 in Formula 1 For the Brause Racing Team.

Red Bull happy, Sergio Perez happy – there’s only one person who can’t take anything good from a contract extension: Pierre Gasly. The Frenchman now faces a difficult future in Formula 1.

Formula 1: A bitter slap! What next, Gasly?

With Max Verstappen (contract until 2028) and Sergio Perez (contract until 2024), the Red Bull first-team cockpit is already fully booked for the next two years. Pierre Gasly’s dream of jumping to Red Bull is over for now.

Gasly has been wearing the colors of Red Bull since 2014. He has been leading the team in Formula 1 since 2017. Initially, with Toro Rosso, he recommended himself making strong bids for promotion to the parent team.

There, however, Gasly failed miserably and was sent back during the season. Since then, he has been fighting tirelessly for the place next to Verstappen. Despite numerous strong performances and even his first win, he hasn’t had a second chance yet.

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With Sergio Perez’s contract extended, the train could have finally left the Frenchman. Change in the near future seems possible.

Formula 1: A clear announcement from the Red Bull team boss

Before signing, of course, I spoke with Gasly and explained the situation to him. Red Bull Team Leader Dr. Helmut Marko to “”.

Gasly’s contract runs until 2023. However, Marko does not believe Gasly will escape after that – due to the lack of a replacement. “I don’t think there is any alternative to it at the moment that would be much better than AlphaTauri,” Marko says.


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Formula 1: Gasly follows Hamilton?

However, other teams should now feel more closely about Gasly. Racing teams like McLaren or Aston Martin should keep an eye on the French.

In the English press, there has been speculation that Gasly could inherit Sir Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes in 2024. But there is still a long way to go until then.

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