A secret meeting in Qatar revealed Biden Maduro

Biden Maduro

The NGO “SOS Orinoco” denounces the invasion of Yanomami lands by Brazilian miners

The organization showed what happens to the Yanomami people. In short, the Brazilians joined the Chavista in destroying their reserves. In a video posted on its Twitter account, the organization showed, via satellite imagery, “the invasion of Venezuelan territory that is now taking place by the Brazilian garimperos in the headwaters of the Orinoco River, the third largest river in the world and the ancestral home of the Yanomami people.”

And the Venezuelan military is demanding money to allow Brazilians who use the indigenous Venezuelan population as semi-slave labourers,” the organization denounced. “It is disgraceful to see the media showing Maduro pretending to have ended illegal mining in Yapacana and other national parks in the Amazon, but you just need to look to satellites to see how illegal mining continues to expand.”

Bolivia has signed lithium agreements with Russia’s state-owned nuclear corporation Rosatom and China’s CITIC GUOAN.

This was announced yesterday by the government of La Paz, as it seeks to develop its vast, hitherto untapped resources of this metal, which are needed to make electric car batteries.

US Biden (and pro-Cuba Gonzalez) and Venezuelan Maduro (and psychiatrist Rodriguez) meet secretly in Qatar

Venezuelan Assembly President Jorge Rodriguez and Juan Gonzalez, Special Adviser for the Western Hemisphere at the US National Security Council, met three weeks ago without intermediaries or third parties. The revelations came from El País newspaper, which highlights how Qatar gained an unexpected position in the mediation between the Biden administration and the Maduro dictatorship. In addition to hosting this meeting, Qatar has in fact made efforts to mediate between the two countries, which have reconciled with the arrival of Biden and Gonzales in Washington. The meetings were kept secret until yesterday El Pais So that no one interferes in the dialogue between Washington and Caracas.

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Paolo Manzo, July 1, 2023

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