Barbara 'Excelsa' Torres poses for a photo with Eugenio Derbez after the red carpet controversy: 'I love you so much'
(Photo: Instagram / @narbaratorresmx)

In recent days, the fact that he’s on the red carpet at the movie premiere serverchampionship Eugenio Derbezactress Barbara Torres had an embarrassing momentbecause according to a video published by journalist Bernice Ortiz, the popular “Exelsa” P. Luche . family Wasn’t able to display at first Before the premiere of the film, which took place in the cinema in Mexico City.

This is in section You can see the actress of Argentine descent Confused face and a little annoyedafter members of the event’s security team prevented him from reaching the carpet for several minutes, since then Luis Manuel Avila and Jose Miguel Perez Saint MartinHer companions on the Derby’s Comedy Remembered series, They passed first without complications.

Several versions appeared on social networks, including that of the actress She wasn’t wearing the coveted clothes at a private party, because she was seen wearing simple clothes and her hair tied back; Others confirmed that the actress wasn’t “on the list” so they wouldn’t let her access it, and even the boldest commented that Barbara was drunk, and that’s because of the peaceful attitude And the somewhat shaggy picture he presented at the event.

The actress worked with him in the film “La Familia P. Luche”.

Sure she wasn’t invited and then for obvious reasons they actually let her in, but the safer thing is that Eugenio Derbez has already been involved.“If it’s true that Barbara wasn’t invited, then what a bad feeling Derby’s is because it’s not that she succeeds in japacho This means that he will do little for the people he has worked with for many years and who have given him the fame that the truth enjoys today. “Well, even if she was invited, they wouldn’t give her access to the clothes she was wearing so bad and her hair so ugly that it looked like a red carpet,” they wrote on social networks.

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However, after the embarrassing moment passed, the 45-year-old actresss managed to enter the red carpet posing with his well-known sense of humor. Bárbara shared the moment on her Instagram and wrote “How I’m enjoying the red carpet” at the bottom of the clip that was edited at fast movementwhere he was seen posing and living with hostess Maka Carreido.

Among the other editions that were heavily circulated was that Eugenio Derbez has requested that Torres be removed, due to alleged inconsistencies That they would have turned away, but this theory was abandoned on Monday, May 23, when the actress uploaded a photo to the same social network where she appeared with her son with the Mexican director and actor, who managed to venture into American cinema.

The actress stood on the red carpet

“Thank you Eugenio Derbez for inviting me to the premiere of #elvalet, I love to see the people I love and appreciate the most in this world, To also be one of the most talented and successful people on the planet. Thank you for this photo with me and my son! I love you!!!!! Oh! How I laughed with El Valet.” The actress wrote at the bottom of the photo.

The message did not go unnoticed by Eugenio Derbez, who snapped the photo and shared it in his ephemeral stories, replying to the remembered Excelsa: “Thank you for going. I love you”, With this act the potential friction between both playwrights has been ruled outwho were part of the hit comedy series Televisa.

After experiencing an awkward moment, the actress was finally able to greet her friend (Image: Instagram)
After experiencing an awkward moment, the actress was finally able to greet her friend (Image: Instagram)

The actress, who was recently eliminated from reality show from Televisa UniversityAnd Dancing stars todayHe did not speak on any social network despite the fact that a major controversy had already erupted over the weekend, with some of his critics mocking the uncomfortable situation.

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