Dancing With The Stars: Find Out Who Will Replace Karen Ferry On A Next Show

Karen Ferry announced that she won’t be attending the after party anymore dance with the stars. As journalist Clement Garin revealed on Twitter on Friday, July 1, his alternate name was found through production.

Karen Ferry decided to waltz dance with the stars. While the host will no longer provide the live broadcast of the soundOn Instagram, she announced her departure from the movie After of the studio 217.Hello friends, I wanted to inform you (…) of this I will no longer host a DALS debriefing at the beginning of the next academic year, and that is my decision. The TF1 team was able to listen to my wishes and respect my choice. Thank themShe said on her official Instagram account. She aspires toOther adventures‘, Maël and Claudia’s mother evaluated these years spent at Dance with the stars.

I loved working on this emotionally rich program and the twists and turns with a great team. I lived happily novice dancer experience, growing up on this program. I loved being with you on Friday night‘, included Karen Ferry. On the other hand, the host doesn’t disappear from the radar for all that. Either Tatiana Silva Will replace it to live the soundAnd the Karen Ferry will continue to appear in criminal records and in The Voice Kids on TF1. Yuan Gourkov’s wife You will continue to offer the famous lottery draw.

Boolean choice for DALS after

Obviously, a replacement for Karen Ferry had to be found. Someone who knows how to work dance with the starsHe is as comfortable with judges as he is with candidates. As journalist Clement Garin revealed on Twitter on Friday, July 1, it’s only natural that Camille Compal will take the lead at After de DALS. “Karen Ferry dies dance with the stars In the end does not result in the removal after of DALSwhich is considered time. The After will continue, led by Camille CompalAnother beautiful role for a young father who hasn’t finished lighting the parquet floor ., announced the journalist dance with the stars !


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