The courier dives into the pool after delivering the package, and the reason is strange

This particular courier is dipping into the pool, he has just delivered a package. The real reason why he did this is so unimaginable, you would never believe it.

Courier diving into the pool –

Being able to buy a swimming pool inside the house has a really steep cost, and not everyone can afford it. In addition to the purchase cost, maintenance costs are very high nowadays.

Let’s take today’s story as an example, in the center of the discussion is a swimming pool in which an Amazon courier bathes after delivering the package. It’s a video clip shot with a home camera, and the owners, after watching the full video, decided to repost it. But the real reason why the courier made this gesture is strange, in fact you would never believe it. Let’s try to understand together what happened.

Courier takes a dip in the pool

Today’s story takes place in America, namely in Gardena, California. A family lives peacefully in their villa with garden and swimming pool. They are people who work every day, and their children study in another city. On a day like any other they have to do some chores away from home, there is plenty of shopping to do as the kids are coming home this weekend.

So they get up early in the morning and after breakfast they get ready to go out. The wife forgot some things inside the house and the husband is already waiting for her inside the car. After a while they leave and head to the supermarket, they shouldn’t waste too much time away from home.

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The delivery man kicked out
Parcel delivery man –

Their home is a huge villa on two floors, outside of which there is a huge garden and a big swimming pool as well. Right now it’s over 40 degrees, and they don’t remember having any Amazon packages in hand. In fact, shortly after they check out, a message arrives on their mobile phone reminding them that one of their packages will be delivered this morning.

In fact they are not anymore, they do not see the message, they are very focused on buying things inside the supermarket. They did not fully check the phone. Meanwhile, a delivery man arrives outside their home, and checks with his tablet that the home matches up with the package address.

This is exactly where the house is, so park right outside their gate, still within the neighborhood. Try ringing and notice no one answers, so look next to it and you’ll find another portal. However, this portal does not have an internal connection, but it is an equivocation. Most likely the woman in the hurry forgot to close it properly. Delivery guy, he probably can’t do it, but he decided to enter the family compound.

He calls the man who is also the recipient of the package by name, but sees that no one answers. Then he wanders outside the house to see if he can see anyone from the outside windows delivering the package. The only thing he sees is a swimming pool, which he doesn’t even think twice about before diving into it.

The reason is just that

You’re definitely wondering, but how did he know there was no one inside the house? With what courage did you suddenly decide to dive into the pool? The real reason is this, it was no coincidence that the bellboy dived into the pond of a family he did not know. After entering the house to make the delivery where the video from the cameras outside the house appears perfectly, surrounds the house. But when he is about to turn back from the entrance door side, there is an outside table right next to him. The delivery boy noticed that there was a piece of paper with writing on the table, written on it “If you want to take a shower, you’re welcome.”

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Swimming pool
swimming pool –

The bellboy who read this paper did not let himself be intimidated at all, and this gave him the answer he had been looking for. At that moment no one is home, so why not take advantage of the offer? He put the pack on the outside table, climbed on the diving board in the pool and took a nice dive with the fishes. He didn’t even think about taking his clothes off, probably because he thought they might come back at any moment.

It is not clear how it ended. The sure thing is that when the owners come home, and see the package on the outside table, They decided to check the outdoor cameras, and after watching this scene, they couldn’t hold back the tears of laughter.

They then reposted the video on social media profiles, especially Twitter, where it garnered millions of views and comments from all over the world. The bellboy, probably after many hours of work, is thinking in his head how can I refuse such an offer? She feels the same heat, very short breaks too, and so she has accepted a stranger’s offer.


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