Majora Mask coming to Nintendo Switch Online in February •

As Nintendo announces, a new adventure will be added to the subscription service next month.

There’s been an additional subscription to Switch Online since fall 2021, which brings old classics to the current Nintendo console – including many of the ever-expanding N64 games. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is the next addition due in February.

As reported by Nintendo on the company’s official Twitter channel, Link’s action adventure comes from the year 2000 in february In the online subscription to Switch. The long-running popular fantasy game Ocarina of Time was already available when the service went live last fall, and the next game in the series will soon follow — but Nintendo hasn’t given a specific date.

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As the title suggests, Link’s adventure revolves around powerful magical masks. These are the artifacts he collects on his journey through the world of fantasy. Some are useful artifacts with special abilities that you’ll need to save the fairytale world, and all have a slightly darker tone than you might be familiar with from other games in the series. Of course, you can still find charming moments and useful companions.

By the way, the newest subscription game is Banjo-Kazooie, which was added to Switch Online this week – but unfortunately it’s not entirely bug-free. Today we already reported that Nintendo is currently trying to improve older games in subscription, because sloppy simulations of the classics have been criticized in the community.

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Even the last game in the league is not flawless. Banjo-Kazooie is already said to have issues with memory levels, but it appears that Nintendo is in the process of improving the Switch’s implementation.


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