And this Anniversary Edition takes the form of an update, not a standalone game; Remember to turn off automatic updates on Steam!

The first Skyrim release dates back to November 11, 2011. After The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition was released five years later, in November 2016, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows, Bethesda will find its thousandth youth on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition, logically expected on November 11. If over the years modders have spoiled the title with modifications of all kinds, which we regularly echo on the site, this new version risks making a good package incompatible according to extrwi, who worked on SKSE (Scream Script Extender).

The problem is that the Anniversary Edition will not take the form of a standalone PC game, but rather an update to the Special Edition. As a result, players who have carefully modified their Skyrim over the months, by decking it out with 1,200 mods for example, risk eventually being buggy if they don’t turn off the auto update.

One pack adds 132 new creatures and 35 regions to Skyrim

SKSE update posted quickly

We pass on the technical details to you, but in a post published on reddit, extrwi demonstrates that “As part of an AE update, Bethesda has decided to update the compiler used to build the 64-bit version of Skyrim from Visual Studio 2015 to Visual Studio 2019” ; who – which “Changes the way the code is generated” and risk “To force developers to start from scratch to find jobs and write hooks”.

extrwi specifies that it can “Maybe he put an updated version of SKSE, but [que sa] The main concern is with other existing plug-ins […]. In fact, anyone who wrote a plugin with native code will have to redo at least some work to support AE. This realistically means that quite a few modifications of the original code will be incompatible for an unknown period of time after the release of AE”.

HD texture packs not affected?

In theory, fabric packaging should not be affected. On the other hand, mods that change gameplay or add text elements may not work with AE until their author updates them.

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Finally, as we mentioned at the beginning, extrwi makes it clear that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition will not be a separate product but an update. As a result, he gives the following advice to players who have modified their game: “Change the Skyrim SE update settings in Steam to update only at launch. Never run Skyrim SE via Steam, only through the mod manager or skse64_loader.”


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