iPadOS 16: A far-reaching update in the future - 'more notebook than iPhone' |  News
The phrase often given on Apple’s core notes is that you’re currently seeing the biggest update ever for Product XY. Even if in the eyes of many it is a matter of making fairly small improvements in the hardware or in the system, Apple never tires of announcing it as a completely groundbreaking move. However, in the case of iPadOS, the assessment may be correct this time around, according to a report by Bloomberg. In fact, Apple is the most comprehensive update to the tablet operating system to date – at least when it comes to general operation and, above all, multitasking. So iPadOS is the most important WWDC ad in the Store.

iPad as a laptop, not as a giant iPhone
Previous reports said that iPadOS 16 should improve simultaneous use of multiple apps. Now, citing an internal Apple source, there are more details Ads. There actually appears to be windows under iPadOS for the first time, which means the process is more like a laptop than an iPhone – because the iPadOS interface so far has been more of a big iPhone than a standalone user interface.

Thus, “more laptop experience” is the goal that Apple pursued during development. If you use the iPad as a productive device, there will be more fun workflows: Windows that can be freely positioned and resized makes data exchange between apps easier, but of course also the simultaneous display of app content.

WWDC- Keyword in Montage
iPadOS 16 will be presented next Monday at the WWDC main event. This starts at 7 PM local time and should last about 60 to 90 minutes. The first developer release can be expected right after that, but by the time the testing program starts for all users, it will definitely be in July. As always, MacTechNews reports instantly on all the important events of the event.

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