The PS5 removed the throne from the Switch as the fastest-selling console in the US

The switch remains on top in terms of size

What exactly are we talking about here? The number of consoles sold in five months and the money generated from those sales. According to official figures released by Sony, the PS5 had already sold 4.5 million copies worldwide in the third fiscal quarter of 2020/2021. All for an amount between € 399 and € 499 depending on the version chosen (with or without CD).

The Nintendo Switch has been available since March 2017 and has so far maintained a sales record when it launched in the United States. But the calculation methods were not identical. Calls entry location
. At the time, Nintendo had communicated with more than 4.8 million switches bypassed. But this number includes the entire American continent, not just the United States.

But, by the same token, the US website states that it is difficult to verify the classification drawn by the NPD Group in the absence of official figures detailing the sales that Sony has made in every country. The analysis firm also sets the record straight: If the PS5 is really full for Sony, the Switch remains the most popular console in the US in terms of size and revenue generated. This is for 28 consecutive months.

The video game is in undeniably strong growth

In a series of tweets supplementing his company’s analysis, Matt Pescatella wrote that consumer spending on video games, gaming equipment, content and accessories reached $ 5.6 billion in March 2021 in the United States. An increase of 18% compared to March 2020.

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If we take into account the entire first quarter of 2021, it would rise to $ 14.9 billion. 30% increase compared to the first quarter of last year.


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