Exoprimal closed beta test sign-ups now available, new trailer revealed

At the Capcom Showcase, the publisher shared new details about the wild-looking action game Exoprimal and announced that closed testing is coming for the game ahead of its launch in 2023.

In a new trailer, Exoprimal director Takuro Hiraoka explained more about the game’s story and modes, including the fact that the game will feature teams of out-clad players competing against each other in order to please a malevolent AI named Leviathan, who is responsible for humanity’s dinosaur rain problem. .

Dino Survival will be the main mode of Exoprimal and will feature two teams of players racing to complete objectives and will introduce the story of the game. One mode, Dinosaur Cull, will see players locked in a race to eliminate certain types of dinosaurs. Another mode, Energy Taker, costs players to accumulate more energy than the opposing team. Also revealed as part of the Capcom Showcase is the fact that Exoprimal allows PvP interactions, where teams can directly attack each other while fighting on targets.

The new Exoprimal trailer gave glimpses of two new outdoor suits, the Barrage and the Vigilant. The Barrage focuses on explosives, grenades and firearms, while the Vigilant outer suit is dressed in a futuristic sniper/railroad rifle. The trailer also teased the arrival of Neo Tyrannosaurus, which is sure to be one of the big boss fights in the game.

Players interested in taking Exoprimal for a spin before launch can sign up for a closed test on the game official website.

Exoprimal debuted in March at the Sony State of Play, with a cool trailer that showed the heroes dressed up to face dinosaurs falling from the sky. This appears to be a fairly regular occurrence given that there are dinosaur predictions on the evening news. That trailer featured combat snippets from a variety of exo suits, from shooter to melee to tanks with massive energy armor.

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Exoprimal is available in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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