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According to reports, a group called Desorden claims to have hacked and hacked Acer servers in India. – SoyaCincau pic

Kuala Lumpur, October 16 – This year has not been kind to tech giants everywhere, with a number of major names like Gigabyte and Electronic Arts having to deal with cyberattacks and ransomware. However, none of them have so far been as unlucky as Acer, with the Taiwanese company confirming that it suffered its second data breach this year.

According to reports, a group called Desorden claims to have hacked and hacked Acer servers in India. They apparently stole more than 60GB of Acer files, which contain everything from customer and corporate information as well as accounts and financial data. A user on a forum with the username Desorden also claims to have evidence of files they stole from Acer.

Meanwhile, Acer released a statement, acknowledging that it had detected a single attack on its aftersales service systems in India, but asserting that there was no significant impact on its operations and business. They also mention that they have already started their own security protocols and performed a full scan of their systems as well as notifying their customers in India who may have been affected by the data breach. Acer has already reported the incident to local law enforcement and authorities as well.

As mentioned earlier, this is the second time this year that Acer has been subjected to a cyberattack. The first happened earlier this year in March when they were hit by the REvil ransomware group, with hackers demanding that Acer pay US$50 million (RM207.9 million) for their data. As for Dissorden, this is only the latest in a string of attacks on Asian companies in recent weeks. They have already targeted the Singapore branch of ProTempts Inc as well as SkyNet Malaysia recently. – SoyaCincau

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